User Profile

In the Edit User Profile screen you can manage various aspects of your Workspaces for Oracle account. Let’s explore the available options and settings.


Edit Profile Screen

Accessing Your Profile

To access your user profile, click on the round icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, and then select Edit Profile. You can also sign out of your account by clicking the Sign Out button.


Edit Profile Button Location

The list provided represents a set of actions or options available within the user profile section of Workspaces for Oracle. Here’s what each item in the list refers to:

  • View Profile Details: This option allows users to access and view their profile details, which typically include information such as username, first name, last name, organization, phone number, and last session details.

  • Change your password: Users can select this option to modify their current password and set a new one for their Workspaces for Oracle account. It usually involves entering the current password, followed by the desired new password and confirmation.

  • Change Settings: This option enables users to customize various settings related to their Workspaces for Oracle experience. It typically includes preferences such as auto-launching sessions, chat sound effects, default workspace image, session tips display, control panel behavior, and theme selection.

  • Change or add SSH Keys: Users can manage their SSH keys through this option. It allows them to add new SSH key pairs or update the existing ones. SSH keys are used for secure authentication and access to Workspaces for Oracle sessions.

  • View session history: This option provides users with access to their session history, displaying details about their past sessions, including the workspace image used, session creation time, session stop time, the user who stopped the session, and the duration of each session.


These options give users control over their profile details, security settings, SSH keys, and provide insights into their session history within Workspaces for Oracle.

Profile Details

In the profile details section, you can view and update your personal information, including:

  • User Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Organization

  • Phone

  • Last Session


Profile Details Section

Resetting Your Password

If you need to change your password, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Reset Password button located in the top right corner.

  2. Enter your current password, followed by your new password and confirmation.

  3. Click Save to update your password.


Resetting Password Options

Group Membership

Under the Last Session tab, you’ll find the groups you are a member of. To learn more about groups, visit the Groups Section.




The settings section allows you to customize various aspects of your Workspaces for Oracle experience.


Settings Section

Auto Launch Session

By enabling this setting (default: off), Workspaces for Oracle will automatically launch a session for you upon login. The default workspace image will be used.

Chat Sound Effects

You can enable sound effects for chat during shared sessions with this option. Click here for more info on Shared Sessions.

Default Workspace Image

The default Workspace image is used in two scenarios.

  1. If you have the Auto Launch Session setting enabled, this default image will be used.

  2. If you have the Workspaces for Oracle: Secure Browser installed, you can right-click on a link and select Open Link in Workspaces for Oracle to open the link using the default workspace image.

To learn more about Workspaces for Oracle: Secure Browser, visit the Workspaces for Oracle: Secure Browser Section.


Default Images Section

Show Tips During Session

Enabling this setting (default: off) will display helpful tips when launching a Workspaces for Oracle session.

Toggle Control Panel

By enabling this setting (default: off), you can open and close the control panel within a Workspaces for Oracle session by double-clicking the CTRL key.


Settings Section Continued


You can adjust the app theme to your preference. The options include:

  • Auto: Automatically follows your system’s OS theme settings.

  • Dark: Switches to a dark theme.

  • Light: Switches to a light theme.


Theme Section

SSH Keys

Manage your SSH keys in this section. You have the following options:

SSH Public Key

The SSH public key is automatically injected into each new Workspaces for Oracle session, provided it’s allowed by the administrator’s policies.


SSH Section

New Key Pair

Update the SSH key pair that gets automatically injected into each new Workspaces for Oracle session, subject to the administrator’s policies.


Changing Key Pair Section

Session Usage

The session Usage displays your usage data for the past 30 days. You can customize the number of rows per page to improve readability. Available options include:

  • 5

  • 10

  • 25

  • 50

  • 100

The session usage details include the following information:

  • Image: The workspace image used.

  • Created: The timestamp when the session was created.

  • Stopped On: The timestamp when the session was stopped.

  • Stopped By: The user who stopped the session.

  • Usage (hours): The total duration of the session in hours.


Session Usage Section