Workspace Customization and Persistence

Can I install additional software on the desktop?

  • No, the desktops provided by Kasm Workspaces for Oracle do not include root access, so installing additional software is not supported.

Will my changes be saved between sessions?

  • No, any changes made to the remote desktop or browser will not persist between sessions. All data and changes within a session are permanently lost when the session is deleted.

How can I customize a desktop image?

To run custom desktop or application images with Kasm Workspaces for Oracle, you have two options:

  1. For businesses with 50 or more users, Kasm can create a dedicated SaaS instance that is fully customizable, allowing your administrators to make changes.

  2. Install Kasm Workspaces in your own environment. The Kasm Workspaces community version is free for up to 5 concurrent sessions and includes most features of the Professional and Enterprise licensed versions.


What data does Kasm Workspaces for Oracle collect?

  1. When interacting with applications in a desktop, local logs may be generated by those applications. However, any application logs created within your remote environment are not saved or transmitted off the system your container is running on. When your session is deleted, any ancillary logs created by applications running inside your environment are also deleted, along with your session and all generated data.

  2. Kasm Workspaces sessions are not proxied, and there is no logging of user-generated traffic from inside a Kasm Workspaces session.

  3. All billing information and logs related to billing processing are handled by a third-party, Stripe. Stripe is a reputable online credit card transaction company specializing in secure billing facilitation. Kasm Technologies does not store credit card information on its information systems.

  4. Kasm Technologies does collect and centrally store logs generated by users when they interact with our website and the Kasm Cloud Personal dashboard. However, this does not include interactions with a Kasm Workspaces session.

Major events that get logged include:

  • Creating a session

  • Resuming a session

  • Deleting a session

  • Updating your profile

  • Viewing the user dashboard

  • Session keep-alive messages

  • Viewing or updating your profile

  • Authentication attempts

  • Logging out

Will Kasm Workspaces provide logs to law enforcement?

Kasm Workspaces for Oracle is designed to prioritize privacy and security within the bounds of legal requirements. Kasm Workspaces will cooperate with law enforcement as mandated by the laws of the United States of America and applicable state laws.